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tip and tricks The summer is winding down. August's heat is thick, vacations are over, kids are going back to school. These are the familiar dog days of summer. All of us have heard this term but you might be surprised where it originated. Dog days have nothing to do with dogs. The term dates back to Roman times when it was believed that the Dog Star, Sirius, combined forces with the sun to produce exceptionally intense heat from July 3 to August 11. The Romans referred to this period as dies caniculares, or the "days of the dog." the knowledge:
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Take care to guard against heat stroke. A dog rids itself of excess body heat by panting. Days that are hot and humid can impair a dog's ability to cool down. On especially hot days limit activity to early morning or evening hours. Keep fresh, cool water around and a cold shower with the garden hose is always welcome relief
Cookouts can pose special dangers for your pooch. Keep corn on the cob and onions out of reach. Corn cobs can get lodged in the intestinal tract and onions can harm a dog's red blood cells. Chocolate is also bad for dogs. Please be mindful of your best friend while partying.
the mix:

We all know this, but it cannot be stressed enough; never leave your dog in a parked car. Even if the windows are cracked. The temperatures inside can rise to life-threatening levels in just minutes.

This is a party for guests that like to participate. The courses range from easy (the cheese course) to more complicated (the meat course). Organize the event so that everyone has a course that fits their kitchen abilities.
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