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decorative silk envelopes
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vinicode™ wine reviews We started a tradition several years ago. Whenever we are hosting new guests we have everyone answer questions about themselves. SIlly things like your favorite movie, or song you wish you had written. The answers are ticked inside these envelopes at everyone place. During the meal, one envelope is opened and the answers are read. It is up to the guests to match answer to the guest. It is a great ice breaker.
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materials (for 8 envelopes)

2 yards each of some nice silk fabric in contrasting colors. We used red and cream for our envelopes. Choose one for the outside and one for the lining.

1 spool of thread matching the exterior color

2 yards of fringe. We bought some beaded fringe that hung with black and red beads.

8 buttons or large beads. These are used to make the "button" on the envelope. Although ours are not made to fasten, it does add a nice finishing touch.

1 piece of heavy cardboard for template


Cut out your cardboard templates according to illustration (1). Place your fabrics on a flat surface, good sides together. Cut out 8 shapes from each template (A and B). You should have 8 pentagons and 8 rectangles of the two layered fabrics. (16 total pieces)


Still with the good sides together, and the lining material on top, stitch where indicated in illustration (2) for the 8 pentagons and 8 rectangles. Leave a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance.


Turn each of the pieces inside out and press gently with a warm (not hot and no steam) iron. Take piece B and place it on top of piece A, with the unsewn 8 inch sides aligned at the bottom, and the lining colors on the outside of both pieces. Now stitch up each side only, as shown in illustration (3). (1/4 inch seam allowance) Do not stitch up the bottom.


Your envelope is beginning to take shape. Place it back on your work surface, still with the lining side out. Cut a 7 1/2 inch length of the fringe and place inside the envelope, the beads should be in the envelope, and the connecting tape right at the open 8 inch edge. Stitch along that bottom edge as in illustration (4), to close your envelope and attach the fringe.


Now turn the envelope inside out. You should have a nice, lined, decorative envelop, with fringe at the bottom. All that's left is to sew on a decorative button, or bead where a clasp might be as in illustration (5). This is completely up to you as this bead really serves no function. It's just a nice decorative element.

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