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exquisite corpses
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vinicode™ wine reviews This is a great creative game for every one in the family and a wonderful way to get kids to think outside of the box. Exquisite Corpses was invented by the Surrealist Artists as an attempt to explore the accidental in art. The name came from the very first playing when the line, "The exquisite corpse will drink the young wine", was included with the drawing. Many thanks to artists Glen Nakutis and Haydne Weese.
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enough paper for every artist to have a sheet (card stock works best), pencils, pens. markers, crayons, and your imagination.


Fold the paper into thirds. Everyone draws a head (or a reasonable facsimile) on the top third. Lines for the neck are extended below the crease so the next artist can see where to attach the next part. Before passing the drawing the artist writes the line "somebody did something" in this case, "Ted looked at his nose" by the head.


The papers are passed to the artist to the left. They do not look at the first drawing and continue the artwork by drawing a body of some sort. The line for this section is "and did something else", in this case "And did a dance". The body line is extended for the third artist and the drawing is passed to the left.


The final artist adds the feet and the line "while doing something else". Here it says "While wading in the river". Now the drawings are unveiled!

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