For a formal dinner, you want your napkin to be geometric and understated. Start with a square napkin. Arrange it so that one corner is pointing directly toward you, in a diamond shape. If there is a design on one corener of the napkin that you wish to show, it should be at the top on the underside.
Fold the corner nearest you to meet the top corner and press with a hot iron.
Fold the two bottom corners of the triangle up the top corner. The sides of this fold should meet in the center. Press.
Turn the napkin over, the design should be visible. Fold up the bottom corner so that the point of this fold reaches about one-third of the way up the napkin. Press.
Turn the napkin over and fold the two corners toward the middle until they meet. Press.
That completes this simple fold. Turn the napkin over and you are ready to place it on your tablescape. If you like, you can tuck a placecard in the little pocket for added elegance.