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Greek Dinner
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Greek Cuisine:

If you are looking for a refined and delicate cuisine then you have come to the wrong place. The dishes of Greece reflect their hearty spirit and love of life. All Mediterranean cuisine is often lumped into one group because of the close communication and cross pollenation between the cultures. It is characterized by it's proximity to the sea and it's marvelous climate.

The terrain tends to favor sheep and goats over cattle and of course seafood is prominent. Important vegetables include tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, okra and onions. But you can't talk about Greek food without mentioning olive oil and filo (phyllo) pastry. The Greek word phyllon means leaf, and the layers of filo are literally as thin as leaves. It can be used in the main course (spanakopita) or as a dessert (baklava).

Tzatziki is a yoghurt and cucumber based purée and moussaka is a casserole that is as varied as the beautiful Greek countryside.


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