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hanging lanterns
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vinicode™ wine reviews These lanterns create a romantic atmosphere indoors or out. They can be hung from the branches of trees or placed atop candle sticks. And best of all they are a cinch to make. You can find the glass light globes at yard sales and salvage stores for as low as $1. Any globe can be turned into a lantern but the easiest to work with are those with a lip around the top edge.
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You will need wire cutters, needlenose pliers, picture hanging wire, and a slightly stiffer wire (16 guage) to go around the neck.


Take the stiffer wire and wrap it loosely around the lip of the fixture. Crimp the wire so that it stays in place but not so tightly that you can't slip the picture hanging wire under it.


Cut three equal lengths of picture hanging wire. Slip the first piece around the heavier wire and loop it off so that it is secure. Repeat with the other two lengths of wire at intervals of one-third the distance around the lip of the fixture.

The lengths of picture hanging wire should be spaced evenly around the lantern. You can always make fine adjustments later so don't worry if they are a little off at this point.


Return to where you made the crimp in the heavier wire. Grab the crimp with the needlenose pliers and twist it until the wire has tightened around the lip. Be careful; it is possible to cause the wire to break. So just twist until it is secure.


Bring the three lengths of picture hanging wire together and lift the lantern up. Adjust the wires until the lantern hangs level. Twist the wires together into a loop that is secure enough to hold the lantern.


Enjoy your new lantern. We have found that little tea candles are best for this purpose. In larger lanterns we may use three or four candles. Experiment with different shape and size globes. They will make a lovely addition to your patio. If you don't have a place to hang them, we also place them on a wide bottom candle holder. Very romantic.

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