How is this for romantic? You can't help but stir up some romance with this easy napkin fold. Slip a sweet note in the center crease and the mood is complete. Try it for Valentine's Day or any dinner that you want to "heat" up!
Fold a square napkin in half, bringing the top edge down toward you.

Fold it almost in half again, bringing the bottom edge up, just short of the top.

With your finger pressing firmly at the center bottom, fold both sides up, meeting the middle.

Turn the napkin over, keeping the point toward you. Fold down each of the top four corners so that you make four small triangles. Press with an iron.

Carefully turn the napkin back over to finish. The napkin is now ready for the table. Lay it on the plate for a dramatic effect. Or put it in the seat, so the recipient doesn't see it until his or her chair is pulled out.