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Make Your Own Colorful Tablecloth
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You will need a plain cotton tablecloth with as little texture as possible, fabric paints, graphite paper, ink-jet iron-on transfer sheets, paint brushes, pencil, tape, scissors, an iron.

Designs can be hand drawn directly on the tablecloth, traced from another source and transferred to the tablecloth using graphite paper (available at craft and art supply stores), or downloaded from the computer and printed on to ink-jet iron-on transfer sheets (available at office supply stores) and heat-applied to the tablecloth.

For our sunburst centerpiece design, we drew the image on a large sheet of paper and transferred it on to the cloth using graphite paper. In order to keep the graphite paper in place, we used spray adhesive to attach it to the back of the drawing. We then positioned the drawing where we wanted it and taped it down. Using a regular pencil, we drew over the lines of the original design pressing down firmly enough to transfer the image onto the fabric. This became the outline for our painting. We checked periodically to make sure all lines were being traced by peeling up the corners and checking our drawing on the fabric. Once itís all traced, we began painting according to the instructions on the bottle of fabric paint. Read these carefully.

For our other designs, we adapted Mexican Folk Art images we found online. We downloaded them and printed them on our ink-jet printer using iron-on transfer sheets in place of paper.

Again, follow the enclosed instructions carefully. Once these are ironed on, they can not be removed.

This idea can easily be adapted to fit any kind of party or holiday, simply by using different images and colors. For a unique tablecloth for your next family reunion, iron on scanned family photos and handpaint names and birthdays or a family tree. This could also be a great substitute for placecards at a dinner party.


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