We always enjoy setting a beautiful table. It is so much fun to watch your guests come in and be awestruck. Our rule of thumb? Consider the table as the wrapping on the gift which is the party.

These napking rings are very simple to make, and the beauty is that thtey can be adapted to any color scheme. Choose beads that match your dishes. For Thanksgiving, play with fall browns and oranges. Christmas, of course, means red and green.

For the summer months we go with a red, white and blue theme. This works for Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

For this project: 48 6mm red beads, 24 8mm blue beads, 12 #2 size safety pins (make sure you get pins from the same manufacturer, the sizes can vary, you can use gold or silver, just buy wire to match) 26 guage beading wire (you will need about two feet total for this project), small tool with wire cutter.
Unclasp the pin and place four 6mm beads on the stem and reclasp. (experiment here with different colors and styles of beads)
Continue in this manner until all of the 12 safety pins have been beaded.
Using the wine, begin stringing the heads of the safety pins together, alternating pins and 8mm beads. It is easier if you leave the wire on the spool rather than clipping it off.
Make sure that you have all of the beaded sides of the safety pins facing the same direction.
Clip the wire from the spool and tie it off in a knot. All of the beaded sides of the pins should be on the outside of the circle. Using the tool, pull the knot as tightly as you can, and been begin twisting the wire. This will take up any additional slack. Once the wire has been twisted and secured, clip it about 1/4 inch from the beads.
Repeat the same process for the bottom of the ring, alternating pin and bead. Be careful not to skip a loop. Tie it off tightly and clip the wire about 1/4 inch from the beads. Now take the end of the wires and tuck them in so that they will not snag a hand or a napkin.
Use any color beads that you like to match your table setting. You can even get the beads with letters on them and personalize each place.