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vinicode™ wine reviews Place cards serve several functions at a dinner, formal or informal. They add a special touch to a table. Guests seem to love wandering around the table to find which seat is theirs. But more importantly, it gives the host control of how the guests will interact. In other words, if you know that one of the attendees is shy, put them in the center of the table. More verbose guests should be placed on the ends. That way no is isolated from the action. When deciding on a style for the placecards, look no further than the atmosphere you have created. Here are a few of our selections from formal to fun.
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For our 1940's inspired New Year's Formal Dinner we decided to create a restaurant feel from that glamourous era. We called the establishment Chez Slice. Using an art deco font that we downloaded off of the internet, we designd a logo for the restaurant with matching place cards for each place setting. We even printed the logo on tee shirt transfer paper that we bought at the office supply store and added the design to the napkins!

For a Christmas Eve dinner, we decked out the room in deep reds and silver. The inspiration was actually some Christmas tree ornaments that we had from the year before. We took a silver paint pen and wrote the name of each guest on an ornament. Then placed that ornament in the soup bowl at each place setting. The effect was quite dramatic and it was simple and inexpensive!
Easter was easy. We simply took a few of our dyed eggs and with the same silver paint pen wrote dinner guestsí names on them. Each egg was then placed in a small nest of Easter grass arranged in a sherbet dish.
On another occasion, we picked through a box of old snapshots, and our tablemates were shown their seats according to the image that we thought best matched their personality. For example, one photo was a beautiful pond with lilies and water plants to mark the place of a friend who designs gardens. Another was a giant concrete monkey at a miniature golf course to portray a golf-loving acquaintance.
Our al fresco Italian dinner called for something special to evoke memories of romantic dinners in Rome. What if each guest received a vintage postcard with a handwritten invitation to partake in our Italian fantasy? Check at local antique markets for old photographs or postcards to match the occasion or cuisine. With a little creativity, the most ordinary items can become extraordinary place cards.
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