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polymer clay decorated eggs
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vinicode™ wine reviews Instead of the same old dyed eggs, why don't you try something a little more colorful not to mention durable this year. If stored properly, these polymer clay decorated eggs will last for years. And this is one project that is as simple or complicated as you make it. Most require just a single coiled cord of clay, like the wonderful green egg and ham by my nephew. But we want to show you something a little fancier, a flower basket Easter egg.
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eggs, polymer clay in various colors, a brayer, an extruder set with a variety of templates (found near the clay in the craft store), push pin, wooden skewer, small craft knife, gloss acrylic spray finish


Using a needle or a push pin, gently make a small hole in each end of the egg. Work the pin into the shell with a twisting motion, and delicate force.


Again using the pin, expand one of the holes slightly, until it is large enough for a wooden skewer to pass through. The OTHER hole will be the one you blow through.


Insert the skewer and stir it around. The object is to break the yolk inside the shell. This will make it easier to blow out.


Put your mouth over one of the holes and blow out the egg. If you are having to puff too hard, check to make sure the yolk is indeed broken. It should not be too tough. Then rinse out the egg and allow to dry thoroughly.


Select an extruder template that is a small circle. Following the directions on the box, insert the clay and extrude a long cord of whatever color you desire. Cut that cord into an odd number of strands. These will act as the vertical support strands. Choose a long strand and start weaving in and out, circling the egg. Once you have completed about half of the egg, stop and add a decorative coil along the top edge to finish it off. Braid three strands together for the handle of the basket. Make sure you cover the top hole with the handle.


With the extruder, make a long coil of green clay. Cut it into short pieces to use as flower stems and press them onto the egg. Using the brayer, roll out a thin piece of green clay. With the craft knife cut out leaf shaped pieces and press them onto the egg as well.


This particular extruder set had two small trefoil templates. Using it like an old Play-Doh Fun Factory, we extruded the cords and them cut them into thin flower shapes. They were attached to the top of each stem.


Preheat the oven according to the directions on the clay and bake the egg for the recommended time. Add a nice shine with the acrylic spray and then amaze your friends. Happy Easter!

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