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abigslice blog arancini di riso paella
vinicode™ wine reviews
paht thai (pad thai), noodles thai style
entertaining ----bookmaker's sandwich pasta
wine and food ----brisket ----homemade
international food ----with lemon cream and prosciutto
recipes ----carpaccio ----rigatoni, baked with eggplant and sausage
crafts ----fajitas, steak ----sunflower pasta salad
tips and tricks pierogi
links ----kebabs with chocolate barbecue sauce pizza dough, homemade
----ribeye, grilled pork
----steak marinated with soy sauce and ginger ----danish roast
----in a currant plum sauce
----stroganov ----minced, on pineapple
----sweet and sour
chicken ----sosaties, south african kebabs
----tenderloin, a la wellington
----drumettes with mole sauce quail with chocolate sauce
----kotletki, cutlets russian style quiche, artichoke and mushroom
----parmesan ravioli, sweet potato filled with prosciutto
----roasted rosemary chicken salad salami, homemade
----rolls, with serano ham seafood
----sausages, homemade ----calimari, fried
----southern fried ----coquilles st. jacques
----tagine with preserved lemons ----crab cakes, pecan crusted
cornish hens with raspberry gravy ----crab soft-shell, fried
croque monsieur ----fish and chips
duck, kumquat with plum sauce ----salmon grilled with apple-fennel chutney
eggs benedict ----salmon marinated smoked
feijoada, black bean and pork stew ----seabass, blackened
flammekueche, alsatian pizza ----sea scallops, with vermouth sauce
gnocchi, spinach ----shrimp, in garlic butter
kielbasa with spiced sauerkraut ----shrimp fritters
lamb ----shrimp and grits
----kleftiko ----sole almandine
----leg in red wine marinade ----tilapia with a cilantro beurre blanc
----roasted rack, herb rubbed turkey
lasagne, vegetable ----brining
moussaka ----meatballs
mussels, steamed in white wine sauce ----roasted with peach and sage glaze
onion tart with chevre and dates wiener schnitzel
zweibelkuchen, german onion pie
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