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soups, sides and salads recipes
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abigslice blog apple/onion sauce ----sticky
vinicode™ wine reviews ----with brown sugar and turmeric
entertaining salads
wine and food black bean dip ----antipasto with prosciutto
international food breads ----artichoke with portobello mushrooms
recipes ----baguette, homemade ----artichoke, tomatoes, white beans, and capers
crafts ----flower pot ----asparagus
tips and tricks ----ksra, moroccan ----asparagus, white, with olives
links ----soda bread, irish ----beef and hazelnut
bruschetta, basic ----broccoli with craisins
caruso sauce ----chanterelle with frisée
cheeses ----dandelion
----baked chevre with rosemary ----endive with walnuts and gorgonzola
----english cheeses ----jicama with oranged and onions
----gamay and cheese ----salade vigneronne, endive, shallots
----goat cheese terrine ----salat olivier, russian salad
----irish cheeses ----smoked halibut
----pimento, homemade ----shrimp with blueberries
----roquefort dressing salsa
----stilton ----kiwi
chimichurri sauce ----mango
chutney, tropical ----roasted tomato
crostini, green olive and goat cheese sauerkraut, spiced
collards, sauteed with onions slaw
cucumber sandwiches ----celeriac with dijon vinaigrette
eggplant ----cranberry cole slaw
----rolls with mozzarella and prosciutto soufflé
----moroccan style ----gruyere with pear and tarragon
----stuffed with yogurt and mushrooms ----sweet potato with brown sugar topping
eggs, deviled soups
escargot in parsley butter ----borscht
extracts, homemade ----chilled corn
farofa, toasted manioc flour ----chilled cream of tomato
gingerbread dressing with sausage ----crab bisque
grape leaves, stuffed ----cream of celery
guacamole ----french onion
hummus ----garlic
mushrooms ----gazpacho, white
----baked in a sherry sauce ----leek, with potaotes and chorizo
----stuffed portabellos ----spelt, zuppa de farro
mussels steamed in white wine ----tom kha gai, thai chicken soup
mustard, homemade spanakotiropita, flaky spinach roll
parsley/horseradish sauce squash
paté, vegetable ----butternut with maple/sage sauce
pears ----fritters
----salad with chevre and hazelnuts sugar snap peas in green tea sauce
----warm, prosciutto wrapped in honey sage sauce sweet potato fritters
pesto syrah reduction sauce
----basil, tradtional tomatoes
----cilantro ----basic tomato sauce
----lemon verbena ----roasted salsa
potatoes ----stuffed with pasta and gorgonzola
----aligot au cantal tapenade
----lyonnaise toppings, hot dog
----pommes frites tzatziki
----rosemary chips vegetables
----whipped with morel mushrooms ----curried with fruit
pretzels, homemade ----roasted with fresh herbs
pumpkin muffins vinegar, homemade
rice white beans with bacon, spinach
----risotto, crimini and oyster mushroom yorkshire pudding
----saffron with nuts and raisins zucchini, fried flowers
----sushi zucchini gratin with gruyere, pancetta
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