This is a great idea for the centerpiece of your halloween table. You can make your own labels which is very easy and fun to do. Or you can use ours below.

When you click on a link it may take just a while to load. I left the files pretty large so that they would be clear. When you are ready to print, size them so that the width of each label is about 3-4 inches. To attach them to the bottle, just use a glue stick and cover the back of the label, then apply to the bottle.

*tip: To easily remove the original labels from the wine bottles, spray them with WD40 and place them in a paper bag for a few minutes. The labels will come right off.

One of the great wines of Transylvania. Allegedly served at the elaborate dinner parties of Count Dracula. Vampires seem amazingly drawn to this elixir. 1645 was an especially good vintage.
At a halloween party everyone wants to smell their best. This cologne is as pure as the New York sewers. And the smell? Well, you won't be overlooked.
If there is one thing that really irritates a ghost it's chaffing. Always keep a bottle of ghost oil around and your ghosts will be the envy of the neighborhood.
You would be surprised just how tough it is to get your hands on some good old fashioned poison. Our poison is 100% pure with no artificial ingredients. It will also help clear clogged drains.
Isn't always the way, you invite the zombies over for dinner a you find you have run out of brains? Introducing Zombie Juice! The richness of brains, with the convenience of a juice!
Ready for a new husband, yet divorce seems so drawn out and expensive? Well then run, don't walk to the nearest cave and pick up a bottle of Black Widow Juice. Remember our motto: "One drop and he's dinner."