Napkin rings are the finishing touch for your halloween table. These little spiders are just what the witch doctor ordered!

They are very easy to make and can be adapted to suit any style or season. Just make six legs, add some cut out wings and you have Spring butterflies.

Fold the napkin anyway that suits you. We just used a simple accordion fold.

per napkin ring

16 - 6mm clear faceted beads

1 - 14x10mm opaque black oval pony beads

48 - 6mm opaque black round beads

wire cutter

hot glue gun

3 feet 26 gauge gold bead wire

2 - 4mm paste on eyes.

Cut four pieces of wire about 6 inches of long. These will become the legs. Place 6 of the 6mm black round beads on each wire. Loop the winre over the end bead and secure it in place.
Take the free end of the leg wires and thread them through the oval pony bead.
Put 6 of the 6mm black round beads on the opposite end of each of the leg wires and secure them in place. Try to get the leg wire fairly tight. You want a little play so you can pose them.
Cut a 1 foot piece of the wire. Thread all 16 of the clear beads on to this wire. Then run it throught the center of the pony bead as well. This will become the ring loop.
Bring the two ends of the ring wire together. Pull tightly so that the ring beads are very secure and then twist the wire to hold the beads in place.
Using the hot glue, attach the eyes and voila. Instant Halloween