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make your own stem charms
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vinicode™ wine reviews Have you ever put down your wine glass during a party and later discovered a telltale ring of lipstick on the rim, but you weren't wearing lipstick? Don't worry, there's no need to call the manufacturer's live answering service and ask why lipstick rings are spontaneously appearing on ther glasses, someone likely mistakenly drank from your glass. Wine charms make it easy for everyone to keep track of their glass, and they're simple to create for yourself or as gifts for friends. You can also use them on tea cups at your next tea service, or coffee mugs around the office!.
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You'll need charms (buttons, beads, watch parts, old costume jewelry, etc.), 2 inch wire eye pins, metal findings, a 1/2 inch dowel (or similar round object), and assorted needlenose pliers, all available from craft shops.
Bend a wire eye pin around the dowel (or other round object at least 1/2 inch in diameter) to create the loop which fits around the stem of the wine glass.
Bend a 1/8 inch hook to fit through the eye. It should look like an earring. This will hold the charm on the glass.
On a second pin, slightly open the ìeyeî and slip on your chosen decoration, closing the eye very gently with the pliers. For this, we used metal findings, or scrap bits of metal jewelry, springs, charms, etc., which are sold by the bag.
Add your beads, buttons, or stones next. Cut the wire about 1/4 inch above the last bead, and twist a small loop into it, closing it gently but securely with pliers to hold the beads in place.
Thread this onto the larger loop from step one. Close the hook around the stem of a wine glass. Now just remember which charm is yours!
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