Challenge your friends to a taste-off. May the best wine win! No one, not even the host, knows the identities of the selections. Observe, smell, taste, rank, vote. Was yours the nectar ...or the salad dressing? A relaxed and fun way to discover new favorites. And remember, there is always a next time with the Bacchus Box - a complete wine tasting experience in a beautiful rosewood box. Includes everything you see here. Great gift!

The Bacchus Box includes:
6 purple satin wine bags
36 color-coded wine charms
36 color-coded voting disks
6 color-coded high quality bottle toppers
6 purple satin charms bags
1 purple satin toppers bag
6 wine tasting tips / vocabulary cards
Wine tasting note pad
Score pad

It comes in a beautiful gold engraved rosewood box.

$65 - Free Shipping in the U.S.

To get an idea of how the Bacchus Box works, see below.

Let your guests know that this is a friendly competition. May the best wine win! Inform them of what wine you are going to taste. You can be as specific (Chianti Classico) or as general (favorite best buy) as you wish. Red, white, rosé, sparkling, sweet. Italian, French, cabernet, viognier, expensive, cheap.

It’s your call - be adventurous!

* Tell your guests to be sure and chill white wines before arriving.

••Sweet wines will throw off an otherwise dry tasting.

As each guest arrives direct them to the staging area, away from the main party. Have them remove the capsule and cork from their bottles and place each bottle in one of the six purple satin wine bags. Pull the gold cords tightly so that no identifying marks are visible. This is a blind tasting so don't peek at anyone else's bottle. Once all of the guests have arrived, choose someone (a trusted friend) to shift the bottles around so they are mixed up.

Another guest then goes to the staging area and places a color coded topper in each bottle. From here on out the wines will be referred to according to the color of the topper. At this point, no one should know which wine is theirs.

Included in the kit are 6 small bags numbered from 1-6. Each bag contains 6 charms matching the number of the bag, 6 voting disks and a pencil.

The kit is designed for each taster (player) to have a wine in the tasting. It gives everyone a stake in the outcome. Becasue this is meant to be a comparison tasting if there are 6 tasters, and 6 wines, you will need 36 glasses.

Buy inexpensive stemware and keep them on hand for your tastings. Place a color coded charm on each glass so that each guest has one of each color. For ease, keep the glasses in rainbow order; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
Pour the wine with the red topper into the glasses with the red charm. Continue until all of the samples have been poured into the glass with the matching color charms. Now place the bottles out of sight.
Now for the fun part!. Examine the color, the bouquet. Take a sip or two. All you are trying to do is determine which wine is your favorite. Is it the one you brought?

Write down your notes for each wine and rank them from first to last place. This is your opinion, don't let someone sway your selection!

In this example the wine with the blue charm was the best according to this taster. And the wine with the red charm was their least favorite.

Once all of your guests have completed the tasting and they have ranked the wines it is time for the secret ballot. The taster's bags double as the voting bags. Take the bag with the "one" on it and pass it around the table. Get everyone to place the colored disk of their first place wine in the bag. Continue with each place - voting in secret!

In this example, I would place the blue disk in the "one" bag. But I don't want anyone to see my vote. It just makes it more fun.

Once the voting is done, the host will take the last place bag and empty it of its contents. Each colored disk will receive the number of points on the bag. The wines that were chosen as sixth place will receive a 6, fifth place a 5. Total up the points and reveal the scores, lowest score wins, like in golf! Unveil from worst to first, and then bask in your glory.

In this example blue won with the lowest point total of 9, orange was second with 12 and yellow third with 18. The least preferred wine of the evening was green with 34 points.

Unveil from worst to first. Make it dramatic! We always have humorous prizes on hand. Last place gets salad dressing and maybe a wine book for first. This is also a great to discuss why everyone liked the wine they did. Many times someone will discover that they really don't care for the wine they brought. Or that they have discovered a new favorite.

But as the winner you are entitled to bask in your glory!