These are the best tasting tomatos around. Pick these up at your local Farmer's Market, or better yet, buy the seeds online and grow your own!
Fruits are irresistibly delicious with sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavors that burst in your mouth, characteristic of the best flavorful black tomatoes. Beautiful to mix with other colored cherry tomatoes. Around 1880 a Mrs. Sudduth of Tennessee gave seeds said to be in her family for 100 years, to tomato seedsman, Ben Quisenberry of Ohio. Excellent flavor.
Fruits have delicious, complex, rich, sweet, earthy tomato flavors. Chocolate Stripe, another desirable 'black tomato,"  is an excellent tomato and a fine choice for your tomato garden. Blondkopfchen is undoubtedly one of the BEST TASTING cherry tomatoes. Deliciously sweet with a slight citrusy tart finish.
Deliciously outstanding, rich, slightly salty, smoky-fruit flavor. For a truly wonderful black tomato this one is sure to please. Deep-red, beefsteak tomato with terrific, bold, complex flavors. This could be in the ultimate tomato sandwich or to showcase in a special tomato salad. This tomato packs such a wonderful flavor punch you will want to keep it as one of your favored tomato varieties to grow each year.
Excellent sweet, almost  tropical fruit flavors. Unlike most yellow tomatoes this variety has a good acidic balance to its fruity sweetness resulting in lots of robust, complex flavors. Great for eating in salads, sliced into a sandwich, cooking in sauces or canning.
Pink-red beefsteak tomato that rival Brandywine in popularity and flavor. One of the best known and best-tasting Russian tomatoes. Fragile, thin-skinned, beefsteak tomatoes that have mildly sweet, citrusy flavors, juicy flesh and very few seeds. A perfect salad tomato.