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Necktie Napkin Fold
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If you want to deck out the Father's Day table in style, then you will need the perfect tablescape. Here are step-by-step instructions for a necktie napkin fold. Just as mention of the fabric choice. If you use traditional napkins, this fold works best with a 24 inch square (at least). Choose a masculine pattern like a stripe or paisley. We went to the fabris store and got a great piece with vintage automobiles. Then we cut our own squares and gave then a quick 1/4 inch hem. (click on the images for a closer view).

A. Begin with an open napkin, pattern side down. Place the napkin on an ironing board, diagonally. Fold the napkin into thirds. First the left side, and then the right. Make sure the overlap is even (and the tip of the tie is centered).

B. As in "A" fold the napkin into thirds again. Keep the folds and the tip of the tie centered.

C. Approximately one-third down the length of the napkin, fold the thin top point to the left and slightly down, so that it looks like drawing "D".

D. Turn the napkin over from side to side.

E. Take the thin point of the napkin and bring it over the main part of the napkin toward the left. This will become the knot of the tie.

F. Fold the point back and into a crease at the back, top part of the tie. This will form a very loose knot.

G. Carefully shape and tighten the knot until you are satisfied. Place a card to dad on top and the man of the house's place is set!


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