This is a great napkin fold to liven up your holiday table. It can be placed at each setting or you can take four of the napkins, placed back to back, and create a circular tree as the centerpiece.

At the base of each tree just add a little box with a simple gift, or maybe a delicious piece of quality chocolate. Either way your guest won't forget this very festive table.

Start with a pressed and starched square napkin. Fold the napkin in half and then in half again. The four free corners should be at the bottom left.
Bring the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. Press again.
The bottom right should have two layers. Place a finger in the center of the top edge and lift just the first layer on the bottom right and align it with the bottom left. This fold should form the shape in the photo. Press again.
Turn the napkin over so that the point is on the bottom left.
Take the top four layers from the bottom right and align them again with the bottom left. This is a repeat of step three. This time you should have a triangle. Press again.
Now simply fold the triangle in half and press. This is just to create a nice crease.
Open the triangle up so that the four "branches" allow the tree to stand on its own. Add a star to the top, or a bow as we did. We also found some inexpensive ornaments that looked like presents that we added to the bottom of each tree. Happy Holidays!