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vinicode™ wine reviews A Big Slice is the enjoyment of life and finding new ways to enrich each moment. It's a new perspective on the old phrase, "grab a big slice of life". But, for too many, disconnection and a growing feeling of isolation and loneliness are the day to day reality.
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recipes We feel connected through email, cell phones, instant messaging, online communities and many other avenues, but, in reality, where is the human experience? "People are increasingly busy," said Margaret Gibbs, a psychologist at Fairleigh Dickinson University, "and don't spend the time it takes to have real intimacy with another person." (Source:
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Co-hosts Clare Aslaksen and Ted Field share a love of family and friends but, noticed, as the years went by, that "special connection" began to lose it’s defining character. People were more busy, friends moved away, family members began to age, evening dinners with everyone around the table vanished and important holiday times didn't quit have the same warmth of youth.
So, how do we recapture these essential components of our lives? Clare and Ted believe one way we can create opportunities for finding new connections with others is through a revival of "The Great Art of Hosting". Enriching Your Life Through Entertaining is the focus of A Big Slice. As Clare and Ted say, "Life's A Banquet, why not grab A Big Slice!"
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