These little pumpkin head witches are great place cards holders. They are not difficult to make and they add a lot of character to the table.

A couple of notes, we just used a scary font to print the names of the guests on a regular sheet of paper. Then we cut them out leaving about an inch on either side of the name. Finally, we used a toothpick to roll them up for the scroll effect.

And if you can't find the pumpkins, try acorns!

per holder

8 - #3 gold safety pins
34 - 6mm opaque black faceted beads
2 - 6mm orange faceted beads
8 - 14x10mm opaque black oval pony beads
8 - 6x19mm opaque black spaghetti beads
1 - 12mm orange faceted bead, small pumpkin
wire cutter
hot glue gun
super glue
3 feet of 26 gauge gold bead wire
2 - 4mm paste on eyes

On the pin part of each safety pin place one 6mm black bead, one spaghetti bead, then two 6mm black beads. Reclasp the pin. This is going to be tight but it will work.
Continue until all eight safety pins have beads on them.
String all of the pin on the wire using the clasp side. Between each bead put a black pony bead as a spacer. Make sure all of the beads are on the same side.
Pull the ends of the wire and tie them off as tightly as possible. This adds stability to the witch. Cut the wire as closely as possible.
Now do the same to the opposite end. Make sure all of the beads are on the outside. Tie it off and clip the wire and tuck it into the center of the skirt.
Start the arms. Use about six inches of wire and string on of the 6mm orange beads. This will become one of the hands. Secure it by looping the wire around it and wrapping around itself.
Continue by adding five 6mm black beads, then the 12 mm orange bead, then five 6mm black beads and finish with the final 6mm orange bead. Tie the orange bead off just as you did in step six.
Hot glue the arms on to the top of the dress.
With the Sharpie, create a face on the pumpkin. Make each one unique. Then add the paste on eyes. We tried super glue and hot glue. The super glue was much simpler.
Now finish up by hot gluing the pumpkin head onto the body. And you're done. We just bent the orange hands up slightly and inserted the name card.