How many times have you heard that breakfast was the most important meal of the day? In the past, I really did not take this advice seriously.  If I was in a rush or thought I wanted to cut calories, breakfast was the first meal to go.

Then I found out that eating a hardy breakfast actually helped you to control weight gain.  A breakfast with protein, fiber and some good carbs works because it controls your appetite and cravings for sweets and starches later in the day. A protein filled breakfast boosts your metabolic rate and makes you feel full. Good breakfasts even contribute to mental and emotional well-being.

Let’s make breakfast or “breaking of the nightly fast” fun by exploring different cultures, different tastes and a different take on this important meal.

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Huevos Rancheros or rancher's eggs is the classic Mexican breakfast dish. The dish consists of a fried egg served on top of a lightly fried corn tortilla with a tomato-chili sauce. The dish quickly crossed the border into America where the Tex-Mex version includes cheese and sour cream.

Although there are many items in a traditional Japanese breakfast, the portions are small. It’s a substantial meal consisting of a bowl of miso soup, usually placed on the right side at the table and a bowl of rice to the left.  There’s grilled fish, tofu, natto (fermented soy beans), tamagoyaki (omelet), nori (toasted seaweed sheets), steamed or pickled veggies, with combinations varying. The beverage is usually green tea and coffee is considered the modern choice.
In Southern China breakfasts include rice porridge called congee, that is served quite thick. It is sometimes eaten plain. But In most cases congee is prepared with beef slices, shredded salted pork and dried vegetables.
Rice is a staple in the Philippines and it graces the Filipino breakfast table in several variations. The rice can be steamed or fried and may be mixed with a “leftover” from last night’s dinner. The combo could be rice with a combination of fried eggs, pork, beef or vegetables. Other dishes include dried beef similar to beef jerky, sardines, longganisa (a sausage with a variety of seasonings depending on the region), tocino (a bacon product native to the Philippines), and acharas (local pickle). The sweet tooth is satisfied with hot chocolate and a pan de sal (breakfast roll filled with buffalo milk cheese). The busy Filipinos on the run are able to stop at stalls on their way to work and purchase lugaw (rice porridge) and noodle soups. The Filipinos make sure that their breakfast is never a missed meal.
A Turkish breakfast must have ekmek, a sourdough bread that is served fresh and warm with a small tulip-shaped glass of black tea. Ekmek has a unique taste and many of the Turkish bakers keep this delicious bread recipe a secret. Black and green olives, white cheese (feta) and yellow cheese (kasar), tomatoes, cucumbers, kaymak (clotted water buffalo cream), honey, fresh fruits and preserves, fresh vegetables in season, pastirma (cured beef), soujouk (dry cured sausage) and a boiled egg would complete the essential menu of an elaborate Turkish breakfast.
In South India, the most popular breakfast is an assortment with several possible main dishes. Idlis (a savoury cake), dosas ( a crepe-like dish made with fermented rice and black lentils), and chapatis (a thin unleavened flat bread) are popular selections. These are most often served with hot sambar and at least one kind of chutney.
A typical Continental breakfast consists of coffee and milk or hot chocolate with a variety of breads from a light brioche to a buttery croissant, often with a sweet jam, cream, or chocolate filling. Usually the meal is also accompanied with juice. The continental breakfast may also include the sliced cold meats salami or ham, and yogurt or cereal. Some countries of Europe, including the Netherlands and those in Scandinavia, add a bit of fruit and cheese to the bread menu, occasionally even a boiled egg or a little salami.
The Italian breakfast is eaten on the go while standing at a cafe bar. Normally it is simply caffè e latte (hot coffee with milk) and bread or rolls, butter, and jam — known as prima colazione or just colazione.